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zefyr: a warm playful breeze from the sea, carrying the scent of spices and far-off lands

Zefyr is an eco glam jewellery label based in Sydney, Australia. Our jewels are carefully handmade from recycled brass and lovingly plated with 18ct gold or sterling silver.

Specially created eco-glass crystals add bursts of colour to our feminine and distinctive collections.

Our philosophy is to create beautiful jewels that are earth friendly without sacrificing style or glamour.

Our designer, Tanya Coelho, is inspired by the world around her: travel, nature, archaeology and art. Each piece she creates is a postcard of her travels through life’s beautiful kaleidoscope.

More on Zefyr Jewels’s ethics & sustainability…
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  • Carbon Neutral
  • Recycled Materials
  • Uses Low Impact Processes
  • Vegan Products
  • Low Impact Packaging