Wallis Evera

  • Women’s


  • Fair Trade Sourcing
  • Fair Wages
  • Local Production
  • No Child Labor
  • Safe Working Conditions


  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
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  • Based in Canada
  • sells Online
  • ships Worldwide
  • price range $

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‚ÄčAt Wallis Evera, we believe that quality, form, and ethics can coexist in all clothing, even in professional attire. We offer the perfect outfits for work that are the fruits of natural fibers and ethical labor so that business women can look good and be proud of what they are wearing. Our products are constructed to last because longer lifespans for clothing means a longer life span for our planet.

More on Wallis Evera’s ethics & sustainability…
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  • Biodegradable Products
  • Energy Saving Practices
  • Organic Materials
  • Uses Low Impact Processes
  • Uses Less Water
  • Less Impact to Landfill