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Since our launch in 2013, Sword & Plough has worked to achieve authentic and measurable social impact in the veteran community. After less than two years of operation, we have made important steps towards our quadruple bottom line goals: people, purpose, planet and profit donations.

When it comes to social impact, we believe that transparency is essential. This is why we include the following detailed information about our social and environmental impact on our website.

At Sword & Plough, social impact is not just something we talk about. Social impact is literally written into the founding documents of our company - it lies at the core of our products, our brand and our identity. We measure and track our progress on key social goals, and invite you to click and explore the impact tabs below to learn more.

More on Sword & Plough’s ethics & sustainability…
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  • Recycled Materials
  • Less Impact to Landfill