Raven + Lily

  • Women’s


  • Fair Trade Sourcing
  • Fair Wages
  • Gender-Equal Hiring
  • Local Production
  • No Child Labor
  • Safe Working Conditions


  • B Corporation
Raven + Lily product image, hero
  • Based in United States
  • sells Physical, Online
  • ships Worldwide
  • price range $$

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​We are an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. Raven + Lily was created to alleviate poverty among women. We currently help employ over 1,500 marginalized women at fair trade wages to give them access to a safe job, sustainable income, health care, education, and a real chance to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

More on Raven + Lily’s ethics & sustainability…
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  • Carbon Neutral
  • Energy Saving Practices
  • Organic Materials
  • Recycled Materials
  • Uses Low Impact Processes
  • Less Impact to Landfill