Bluer Denim

  • Women’s
  • Men’s
  • Unisex


  • Fair Wages
  • Gives Back to Charity
  • Local Production
  • No Child Labor
  • Safe Working Conditions
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  • Based in United States
  • sells Online
  • ships North America
  • price range $$

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With all-American sourcing and construction, we’re bringing great quality and the most authentic materials available to you at an affordable price.We are creating a new era for working craftsmen. We respect the hard-working spirit that the people of this nation put into everything they do—we put that same spirit into all of our clothes.

More on Bluer Denim’s ethics & sustainability…
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  • Energy Saving Practices
  • Organic Materials
  • Take Back Program
  • Uses Low Impact Processes
  • Less Impact to Landfill