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Walk the Talk in Style: Featuring Veerah

Walk the Talk in Style: Featuring Veerah

By Ai Harimoto

Almost every person I know recognizes me when I’m walking by them because they can hear the tell-tale clacks of heels. Believe it or not, I even work retail in heels, no higher than two inches of course (even I know how to not break my ankles!). It’s not a habit that’s for everyone but for those of you who love heels like I do or have to wear them for work or other reasons, I have a superb suggestion: Veerah.

Fated Encounter

A little over a month ago, Futurewear founder Alejandra and I were in New York for the Green Festival Expo, an event for sustainable and health brands to showcase their products and meet others with like-minded values. While we were there, we met the brains behind Veerah, Stacey and her amazing team, all rocking different vibrantly colored heels. 

Now I’ll be honest, I’d spent the day wearing my own and by the mid afternoon, I really wasn’t up for trying new heels. But with a convincing argument of sitting down -not to mention the gorgeous display of shoes- I went for it.

It was like a glass of water after a marathon run, a popsicle during a 100 degree day, a bed after eight hours of dealing with inconsolable coworkers and customers.

It was absolutely marvelous.

It felt like I was wearing flats even though the heels were about the same height as mine. The minute I put some weight on my foot, I felt the light pain from my other shoes disappear. I’ve worn my fair share of heels before but that was the first time I felt physical relief from one. 

In short, I was sold and I totally gave in to the impulse of buying the black Maya which came with single reversible straps and bonus lace up tassels.

Current Status

Fast-forward to present day, I can attest to the fact that these heels are still one of my best purchase decisions ever. Here are just some of the perks that I’ve enjoyed ever since I got them:

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1.     Fashionably sustainable.

These beauties are made from vegan leather that is then paired with organic cotton, cork, calfskin, nontoxic microfibers, and recycled recycled bottles that have been remade into fabric. Each shoe can be mix and matched with all kinds of adorable accessories made from the same sustainable materials so that you can stylize their look. I love the single reversible strap because I can use one side for plain sleek black for a professional look or use the other side to add a pop of bright color. For a more boho look, I use the lace up tassels. Loop them around your ankles or use them as a regular belt accessory, they’re super versatile and loads of fun!

2.     Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

Did I mention they were super comfy? Yes? Well, I’ll say it again. A+ for making heels suitable for long hours of being on your feet. They’re not miracle workers so by the sixth or seventh hour, you might feel that familiar ache but if you work in one of those places that requires heels, these are the shoes for you. Me? I’m just a glutton for the clacks.

3.     No footsies? No problem.

Having bare feet in shoes squicks me out. No matter how breezy it is outside or how much AC is blasting indoors, feet are bound to get sweaty and smelly. In these darling shoes though? It’s almost a crime to wear anything with them. Their insoles have antimicrobial properties so that it feels like you’ve just put your foot into the shoe, no matter how long you’ve been wearing them. The only exception might be if it’s super-hot outside. Then you just need to tape ice cubes to your feet.

4.     Have a spill? Never happened.

Raise your hand if you’re a klutz. Now raise your hand if you’ve run into a klutz. How many spills and accidents do we have in a lifetime? Too many to count despite the number of times some part of our outfits probably gets ruined. I’m normally very careful about getting anything on my clothes but there’s nothing even my evasive maneuvers can do when the subway jerks to a stop and the person sitting next to me spills their coffee all over my shoes.

Let me just say that was the first time I have ever had a pair of heels dry so fast with nary a stain or a stench without the aid of a good scrub and lots of soap.

Moral of the Story?

If you love heels, go get yourself a pair from Veerah. They sell for $278 - $298 and they come with one set of accessories. They’re amazing in terms of looks and functionality but most importantly, they’re made by an incredible team of women dedicated to empowering females around the world in style, without sacrificing the planet or the lives of others.

So slip on those heels and march out into the world. Veerah is for all of you who identify with confidence, femininity, and compassion!