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Luxuriously Affordable

Luxuriously Affordable

By Ai Harimoto

Sustainability has been hitting the runway, intertwining with the fabulous styles of big names that many of us know and love. But the vast majority of us aren’t exactly whipping out the wallet to fill our closets with the latest Ready to Wear collection. Have no fear, we have you covered! This week, we’re featuring the latest sustainable efforts of some luxury brands and we’ve paired them up with some affordable alternatives so that you can experience the high end of sustainable and ethical fashion without breaking the bank.

Off The Runway

For one-stop easy access to a variety of ethical style for the wealthy, Kering is the umbrella encompassing some of the biggest luxury names that have worked sustainability into their supply chain. While the list is surprisingly long, we’re just going to sneak a peek at three but here’s a round of applause for all the big wigs that have added ethics and an appreciation for the environment into their designs!


Gucci FW 2017 Collection
Gucci FW 2017 Collection

Eccentricity? Defiance? We’re not sure what struck Gucci’s Alessandro Michele but it’s something amazing and out of this world. There’s breaking out of the mold and then there’s entering a void of creativity where rules don’t exist. That’s where this year's collection seems to be with its dizzying graphics and explosive colors paired with sleek historic English style. It’s an unparalleled display of past and present, human and otherworldly, traditional and unconventional, and we’re loving it!

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney FW 2017 Collection
Stella McCartney FW Collection 2017

We’re looking at an assortment of asymmetry and unique combos of textures and colors in Stella’s collection. Feminine chic with a touch of vintage, it’s something straight out of a woman’s fashion fairy tale and pasted into the working world. If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe with some plaid or strut your stuff through the office with a multi-fabric jumpsuit, Stella has just the right kind of inspiration for you!

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent FW 2017 Collection

Saint Laurent FW 2017 Collection

If we’re talking slick and chic, Saint Laurent is heating up the runway in a totally awesome way! With the brand’s 2017 collection comes a stunning array of monochromatic and earthy styles that incorporate sharp angles and some dramatic flares to bring out the edginess in all genders. A strategic glimpse of skin here, a completely unnecessary but oh so fabulous ruffle there and you’ve got structured sexiness to keep all eyes on you.

Affordable Alternatives

So with all the hype over what these trendsetting brands are pushing out onto the runways, how can the sustainable community keep up without sacrificing their values? It’s not going to be Forever 21 cheap but there are a number of alternatives for people with a little extra spending money for a special piece in their closet.

Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig's FW 2017 Collection
Ace & Jig's FW 2017 Collection

At Ace & Jig, designers Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson work with their talented team of expert weavers in India to craft textile love stories. With 100% natural fibers and dyes and traditional weaving techniques, there is a promise of quality and care woven into every stitch. These gorgeous pieces have all the eclectic styles and vibrant colors of Gucci at a fraction of the cost!

Armour Sans Anguish and La Fille Colette ($$$)

Armour Sans Anguish Price Range: $58 - $390

La Fille Coletee Price Range: $228 - $598

Armour Sans Anguish The Darkness and Light Top ($190)
La Fille Colette Penelope Dress ($228)

What do Armour Sans Anguish and La Fille Colette have in common? Their absolutely masterful execution of combining different textures and fabrics to create sophisticated pieces that speak to our souls. Whether it's loose or fitted, casual or formal, these fabulous ladies have you covered! Armour Sans Anguish hand-weaves everything by hand or with vintage fabrics while La Fille Colette boasts minimal waste and long lasting wear.

Malaika ($$$)

Price Range: $115 - $550

Malaika Zero Vest ($120)
Malaika Square Space Jacket ($299)

NY Malaika is on fire! Between its zero-waste designs and fantastic use of recycled fabric and plastics, Malaika takes fashion to the stars. It's funky and edgy with all the drama of a celeb but packed with all the values of a sustainable shopper. The best part? Malaika ensures that each piece can be worn in a multitude of ways so that they're basically 2+ garments in one!


Luxury fashion is beyond the reach of most normal people. Sustainable fashion is pricey, but doable. If you ever face the choice between spending $10 every 2 months to replace something from a fast fashion retailer and spending $200 for something that will last for years, we hope that we have given you some clothes for thought.