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Knock Knock, It’s Futurewear

Knock Knock, It’s Futurewear

By Ai Harimoto

Real facts, “alternative” facts, there’s a lot of information that we get exposed to, especially since technology keeps making our world smaller and smaller with ever-changing communication channels. Trying to keep track of all that info can be daunting but filtering through the “he says, she says” chatter can be equally overwhelming. So where do you start?

For all your sustainable and ethical fashion questions, Futurewear is a great go-to option.

The above statement is obviously an opinion and by no means a fact. As a blog writer for Futurewear, of course I’m going to be biased. That said, I mean what I say when I call our platform a trustworthy source of curated sustainable and ethical fashion. We aren’t the only option but we're working towards being the best by constantly finding new ways to improve our services. We strive for perfection and we promise to do our utmost best to ensure that our content is reputable and confined to the standards of an ethical audience.

So... What do we do?

For all you Futurewear savvy fashion fans, you’re most likely familiar with our directory of sustainable brands. For those of you who are newer to our platform, the directory is a compilation of an extensive array of brands. Whether it’s an established business or a startup, luxury or affordable, elegant or funky, we have it all! Well, maybe not all. But we’re definitely finding some totally awesome designers and bringing them a little extra stage light.

No worries, we’re not letting just any brand that claims sustainability enter our conscious collection!

How do we do it?

It might seem like a high school answer but research is our key. Transparency is the crux of building a trustworthy relationship between you, the customer, and a brand. The layout of our platform will display everything about how the company runs its business, from the materials it uses to its social and employment ethics, info that is gathered through many late nighters scrutinizing their site, finding reviews from other sustainable experts, and sometimes strings of emails. 

Furthermore, in conjunction with our collaborating partnerships like Fair Trade USA, SBN, Fashion Revolution, and more, the brands that join our platform should have a sustainability page that we can provide a direct link to so that you’re not jumping through digital hoops to figure out their ethics.

A good indicator of a credible business is the way brands proudly broadcast what they do. For example, Everlane maps out and describes each of its manufacturing factories in China despite the country’s notorious reputation for sweat shops and poor working conditions. It takes more than confidence to openly talk about Chinese factories that you work with – a bold transparency like that could only be achieved through a strict adherence to social responsibility and profound respect and appreciation for those who are the core of a fashion business.

Visit Everlane in their Soho Studio or their San Francisco Styling Lab! Photo from Everlane's Facebook

Another example is Pimelia, an Australian based company that creates gorgeous accessories from Birch plywood and brass (100% recyclable!). It’s a fairly young brand so they’re still in that awkward stage of figuring out how to put their best foot forward but they’re adorably upbeat and honest about what’s working and what they can improve. Right now, they’re working with some super awesome lasercutting technology which is powered completely by renewable energy, as well as sugar-based acrylic paint to replace petroleum-based solvents. They’re also super conscientious about recycling materials for packaging and their tags to boot!

Cute necklaces and earrings galore! Photo from Pimelia's Facebook

What else?

If you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram account @futurewearco, you might have noticed that we’re churning out different themes every week. A dash of eco-aesthetic, a pinch of brand products, a sprinkle of inspirational quotes, and an occasional cool fun fact from the fashion industry cooks up the perfect informational storm! The last couple weeks were well spent regaling parallels between the glamorously out-of-reach world of luxury fashion and how sustainable fashion is really putting up a solid fighting front to keep up with the hottest trends. A race of fashion well worth keeping track of, though for the sustainable and ethical community, we all know who’s really in the lead when it comes to game-changing innovation and outrageous creativity (and it ain’t Gucci, fabulous as they are!).

And back to you!

At the end of the day, what we do is just a service, no matter how utterly addicting swiping through our website might be or flipping through our Instagram pics. Ultimately, information and content is generated to be consumed and this is the only time we’ll say, “Eat on!” There’s no such thing as overconsumption of learning and if you’re discovering something that will make your life and/or the world a better place, then devour everything and leave nothing but pride in your lifestyle behind.

So keep track of the cool gems of intel we drop (like the week of biodegradable materials) by following us on Instagram! And if you’re reading this post, you’ve probably read the others so you know you can hear more blog blurbs from me here

Remember, we’re more than just a place to shop! Our mission is to shift consciousness through fashion. Learning and adapting, that’s the only way to grow, physically and spiritually, and that holds especially true for understanding and obtaining a sustainable lifestyle.  

Don’t worry, we’ll be here every step of the way, guiding you through all the new open doors of innovative fashion!