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Its about time zero waste living makes it easy

Its about time zero waste living makes it easy

This month, we are excited to share that our Brand of the Month is the brainchild of two extremely passionate and conscious creatives who have come together to spark a movement of zero waste living. Package Free is a pop up shop concept created by Lauren Singer, of Trash is for Tossers, and Daniel Silverstein, of Zero Waste Daniel, which launched this week in Brooklyn, New York.

Package Free was created as a solution for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint, but don’t know where to start. Inside, the shop offers everything that conscious consumers need to transition to a low waste lifestyle, “from toothbrushes to tote bags.”

About Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer is the blogger behind Trash is for Tossers, making her widely known for her expertise on all things zero waste. On her YouTube channel, she shows her audience different way to switch over to a zero waste lifestyle. In the past four years, she has collected a single mason jar full of waste but shopping mostly plastic-free.

Lauren is also the founder of The Simply Co. which produces sustainable cleaning products, with transparent ingredients, that consider the health of our homes, our bodies, and the environment.

About Daniel Silverstein

Most commonly known for being a finalist on NBC’s Fashion Star, Daniel Silverstein has been in the sustainable industry for over a decade. As Founder and Creative Director of Zero Waste Daniel, a waste-free clothing company, he has set a new standard for sustainable fashion production practices. In 2017, ZWD’s goa is to collect 3 tons of pre consumer textile waste, enough to make roughly 6,000 ZWD pieces.

ZWD will create a closed loop option for the apparel industry to aid in ending the catastrophic pollution that plagues our earth and tarnishes our reputation as designers and as people.  This process will create jobs as well as a workforce training program for the future innovators of zero waste design that we so desperately need to encourage as we think about the future of our planet.”

Together Lauren and Daniel have combined their love for zero waste lifestyles to create foundation for other consumers to take that first step. “There is no one-stop-shop for zero waste. No united space for makers of sustainable products, no hub for customers to learn about low-waste living, and that’s a problem.” Opening this past Monday, Package Free will be the first store of its’ kind, and we hope the first of many to come.